Deposit safes

Deposit safe are avalible in underfloor, wall or free standing. These are best for buisness, commercial and office use, as staff can deposit items through a slot, door or tube without the need of a key to open the main door of the safe. Money and small items are best placed in canisters that can be named or numbered up for ease of identification once deposited. Most safe can have these feature add to them, please contact us if there is a safe you require a price for this to be added to.

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Burton Claymore 12 Deposit tube £3k rating
Burton's Claymore 12 Deposit has a £3000 cash rating or £30000 jewellery rating   ..
Burton Watchman 12 ABP deposit £12K Rated
Easily concealed Designed to be set in re-enforced concrete 245mm x 200mm rectangular d..
Burton Watchman 12 with deposit drop £6k
Burtons Watcham 12 with deposite has a £6000 cash rating or a £60000 jewellery rating eas..
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